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Indians are the second largest group of migrants in Australia. The Indian population is becoming visible in Australia like never before. According to the census of 2016 by the NSW government alone in Sydney region 130,573 migrants declared their birth place as India. Sydney is Australia’s most populated and busiest city. It is known for its multiculturalism, thanks to the multi ancestries presence in the city from late 1860. Every section of society contributes greatly towards its economy too which reflects in their GDP of over $460 billion per year. Just alone Removalist in Sydney contribute $2 billion. Desi Removals, providing its moving services since 2014 as a known removalist in Sydney, moved over 500000+ families.

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What Desi Removals Do

Desi Removals is a one-stop solution for all your removalist in Sydney needs. From moving a house, business, rubbish removals and moving interstate we can arrange your move only on just one phone call. Our booking managers are available all the time for your help. They can arrange your move by putting the right people and vehicles on the given moving day.

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House Move

We are known for hassle-free moves at affordable rates. Desi removals can move you no matter how big or small is your move. Our experience of more than 15 years makes us the best choice for removalist in Sydney.

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Office Move

We bring the right people together to challenge the difficult business moving task that no removalist in Sydney can do. It's all possible with the help our specialize office move team of Desi Removals.

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Ruubish ReMOVAL

Our expert team can help you both with household, commercial, and demolition rubbish removal. Desi Removals is your company for a fast and hassle-free junk rubbish removalist in Sydney.

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Desi Removals is regarded as one of the best Interstate Removalist in Sydney. The notion of relocating your stuff across state lines may make anyone’s hair stand on end. Desi Removals’ expert crew can arrange an interstate move to suit your timetable.


Desi Removals Prices Transparent & Clear

Our policy with rates is Simple

We have a simple system at Desi Removals for generating fair, hourly removalist prices to suit every move.
When you hire a Desi Removals, our booking manager will go over all of the costs involved in the job.

All taxes, including GST

Stairs, walkways, and gas prices

Blankets, padding, and shrink wrapping for furniture protection

Porta-robes, TV cages, and mattress and couch protection are also available.

Disassembly and reassembly of simple furniture

Padding to protect the walls and floors of your old or new home

More you prepare lesser it costs

These tips can be handy for the customers in order to reduce the overall cost of the move. Lets discuss:

Pack & Unpack Yourself, let the removalist do complex loading and unloading.

Try assembling and disassembling yourself. Help for manufacturer of the item can be valuable.

Plan your move, make a checklist and move only items you need.

Plan your move with specialist, things such as route, timing of move, bulky items, parking, access and passage plays important role.

Its convenient to move boxes rather than open items. You can name the boxes which can further save your time while unpacking.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Accidents do happen, and certain things are beyond our control, despite our best efforts and experience. We will make every effort to prevent loss or damage, but we strongly advise you to purchase insurance from the third-party insurance company. For additional information, call Desi Removals at #########.
Payment should be made at least 30 mins prior to finishing the job. This will allow us to allocate the nearest next job to our removalist promptly.
We will assign you a dedicated office manager starting from the time of booking till your job gets finished. Office manager will help you to process your payment as well. We accept VISA, MASTER & Amex and all the major banks debit cards. You can also pay us in cash and bank transfers.
As you might imagine, each and every move is unique. The length of time it takes to complete a move is determined by a number of factors, including access, the use of stairs or a lift, the distance between the two houses, and the number of sites we are picking up.
We make sure that our booking manager will assign the right truck for the job. A detailed information about the items of the move will always be helpful. We can usually complete most moves in one trip; however, if the move is more than 30 minutes away from the pickup address and we can't fit everything in one load, we will make two journeys or send a second truck.